Charles Oakley And Anthony Mason Had Some Profane Opinions On Those Awful Raptors Jerseys

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Flash back to the '95-96 season, when the Toronto Raptors entered the NBA wearing their cartoon dinosaur jersey. (It's incredible that this was only 16 years ago, and someone thought these were okay. I mean, they were mocked at the time, but not enough. Not enough.) A former Raps employee recalls a ceremony held before a game against the Knicks:

Oakley can't stop himself barking profanities at the Raptor players across the floor; "Those jerseys come with cum stains on ‘em? Cause they're the gayest fuckin' things I've ever seen." This in contrast to Anthony Mason's muttering; "Dinosaurs, brotha? If I was you, I'd fuckin' kill myself."

[BallnRoll, via The Basketball Jones]