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The beat goes on and we've got four more games to go before Philly and Dallas finish off the night. Let's get to it.

Tampa Bay at Denver (FOX): The Broncos can wrap up the division with a win this afternoon and Peyton Manning will be playing against two rookies in the Buccaneers secondary. You may think this means Peyton will have a field day, but Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano has a secret weapon. The other Barber.

Schiano noted that Barber is helping a young secondary that he feels is playing physical and aggressive. That has shown in the stats as the Bucs are third in the NFL with 16 interceptions and tied for sixth with 22 total takeaways.


Manning has 26 touchdowns to eight interceptions so, Barber's got his work cut out for him.

Cleveland at Oakland (CBS): The Browns are dealing with their own issues this week and perhaps luckily were not around to be confronted with it first hand. Instead they play in Oakland where it is supposed to be ugly. This could be good news since it may keep the ball in Trent Richardson's hands. But he's a little banged up, so maybe not. The Browns are also looking to snap a 12-game road losing streak that actually began the last time they were out in Oakland. Good news: Oakland is 3-8. Bad news, so are the Browns.

Cincinnati at San Diego (CBS): The Bengals are turning things around and the Chargers should just blow things up. The Norv Turner Chargers may not be very good at football anymore but, my goodness, are they excellent at providing quotes. Here's Norv after the infamous 4th and 29 last week.

"I guess for you guys, you can say that, and it's easy to say," coach Norv Turner replied when asked if that play summed up the team's season. "It's a play we had guys in position to make the play and we didn't handle it very well."


Pittsburgh at Baltimore (CBS):Roethlisberger is still unable to go, so Charlie Batch is in there again. Unfortunately he's starting to show his age and possibly exhibit signs of dementia.

"We have to figure out what we need to do," Batch said. "In order for us to get to where we want to get to, we have to start winning."


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