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Charlie Weis Still Hates Dana Jacobson

Since it's time for the big Michigan-Notre Dame game, the blogosphere has brought back the vodka-swilling Jacobson rant. Now The Big Lead is citiing a source that claims both Trey Wingo and Jacobson have sent personal letters of apology over the event. Evidently Wingo used the word "retarded," and Weis, who has a special needs child, was offended. According to TBL, Weis accepted Wingo's apology and forgave him. Jacobson? Not so much. He still hates her for insulting Touchdown Jesus and Notre Dame. He responded to her letter by ripping her about "professionalism." And Charlie Weis knows all about professionalism. Professionalism is calling Michigan players thugs, refusing to answer questions from the media, blaming your predecessor for your own personal failings, and reacting to any question that doesn't deify you as a personal insult. Man, aren't we all just incredibly lucky that the man holding down civility in America today is Charlie Weis? Seriously, though, not accepting apologies? What is this, the third grade? Exclusive? Weis Accepted Apology Letter From Trey Wingo, Refused to Accept One From Dana Jacobson [The Big Lead]


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