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Charmin Now The Official Butt Wiping Cloth Of The NFL

No longer content (or rich enough) to rely on cars and beer to fill their advertising accounts, the NFL just inked a $10 million-a-year deal with Proctor & Gamble to designate their crap "Official Locker Room Products of the NFL."

Some of P&G's product lines are a perfect fit for manly men and the boys who watch them on TV. Braun. Gillette. Old Spice. Zest. Mr. Clean. (He's tough!) But some of their other products might be a bit of a stretch. Febreze. Metamucil. Secret. Tampax. Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Tests. Actually ... Travis Henry would be perfect for that.


The Wall Street Journal reports that this will be one of the biggest deals of its kind for the NFL and its less fancy partners—and proof that sports leagues need to branch out a little more if they want to keep making money hand over fist. For some reason, the big classy brands like AIG and GM and Citibank just don't spend as much on advertising. Weird, right? So now you get to clean your kitchen with the Official Swiffer Wet Jet Of The NFL™.

But if Troy Polamalu ends up in an Herbal Essences commercial, that's where I draw the line.

NFL Teams With Procter & Gamble In a Play for New Kinds of Sponsors [WSJ]

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