Chart: A Week In The Insane Life Of An NFL Head Coach

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Over on ESPN, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was kind enough to provide a schedule of his work week leading up to Baltimore's game at Chicago on Nov. 17 (the story will appear in the Dec. 9 edition of ESPN The Magazine). It's not an easy job—Harbaugh spends about 69 hours a week in meetings (or meeting prep) and watching game tape, and that doesn't include on-the-field practice time, media time, transit time, and, you know, the actual game. He also manages to sneak in almost five hours of working out a week, in case you weren't feeling enough like a piece of shit already.

A couple notes:

  • The schedule was not always clear on when Harbaugh went to bed or woke up, sometimes listing just the first or last activity of the day. Consider the estimate above to be an upper bound on how much the coach actually sleeps in a week.
  • Some activities counted into more than one category (example: Harbaugh watching game tape with his dad). This means that the figures add up to more than the 168 hours that are in a week. There is no double counting between meetings and game tape.
  • "Transit" includes the team's trip to Chicago. Harbaugh doesn't commute a lot, as he lives pretty close to the Ravens' facility (25-minute drive) and sleeps on his office couch several nights a week.