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Chart: All Of Peyton Manning's Pick-Sixes, By Defender And Distance

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Hey, remember that cool chart from last week, visualizing all of Peyton Manning's regular season touchdowns? Well, it missed a few. In belated honor of Peyton's record-setting career throwing touchdowns, here are all the touchdowns he's thrown to the other team.

We examined Pro Football Reference play-by-play data to examine all of Manning's regular-season interceptions. The chart above looks at his pick-sixes specifically. The blue dot indicates where Manning was when he threw the ball, and the red dot indicates where the actual interception occurred. Thirteen teams have combined for 23 regular season pick-sixes in the regular season. The Chargers lead with four. Eric Weddle, Kevin Burnett, and Ty Law were the only players to have multiple pick-sixes, as they each had two. Manning has thrown four additional pick-sixes in the playoffs.

Overall, Manning has thrown 222 regular-season interceptions and has been picked off by all 32 NFL teams. The Patriots lead all teams with 24 interceptions.


There have been 171 players to intercept a Peyton Manning pass. Terrell Buckley leads all players with five picks. Ty Law and Antoine Winfield tie for second with four apiece. The table below shows how many times each team intercepted Manning and each team's leader in Manning interceptions.

(However, like Manning's record-breaking passing touchdowns these statistics only account for the regular season. If you factored in playoffs, Ty Law would take the lead as he's had five interceptions of Manning in the playoffs alone, giving him nine total. The Patriots would add to their lead when considering playoffs, as they led all teams in Manning playoff interceptions with six. Adding playoff games would also give Manning four additional pick-sixes.)

TeamInterceptionsInt Leader
Patriots24Ty Law (4)
Chargers19Antonio Cromartie, Quentin Jammer (3)
Dolphins18Terrell Buckely (5)
Jaguars14Brian Williams, Daryl Smith (2)
Titans13Chris Hope, Keith Bulluck (3)
Jets11Three players tied (2)
Bills10Antoine Winfield (3)
Raiders9Tory James (3)
Chiefs8Eight players tied (1)
Cowboys8Roy Williams, Sean Lee (2)
Texans8Eight players tied (1)
Browns7Seven players tied (1)
Falcons7Seven players tied (1)
49ers6Ahmed Plummer (2)
Redskins6DeAngelo Hall (2)
Bengals5Terence Newman (2)
Broncos5Brian Dawkins, Deltha O'Neal (2)
Ravens5Five players tied (1)
Steelers5Brent Alexander (2)
Giants4Four players tied (1)
Saints4Four players tied (1)
3Three players tied (1)
Cardinals3Three players tied (1)
Packers3Three players tied (1)
Panthers3Three players tied (1)
Seahawks3Three players tied (1)
Vikings3Three players tied (1)
Bears2Nathan Vasher, Walt Harris (1)
Eagles2Asante Samuel (2)
Lions2Bryant Westbrook, Ron Rice (1)
Colts1Pat Angerer (1)
Rams1Dré Bly (1)

Chart by Sam Woolley

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