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Sam Bradford in 2009, via AP.
Sam Bradford in 2009, via AP.

Solid evidence has surfaced online that the Oakland Raiders have staffers who evaluate talent, and moreover, that they sometimes know what they’re talking about. A post up on Imgur this weekend purports (credibly, it seems) to have the Raiders’ pre-draft evaluations from 2010. It’s not a huge gallery of photos the OP threw up, but you do get some insights into Sam Bradford, Rob Gronkowski, and Kam Chancellor, among other lucky players not selected by the Raiders.

Here, blind guess: Which QB’s evaluation included such lines as “excellent rhythm in his body most of the time,” “has the ability to have multiple deliveries with his arm,” “his nature is naturally arrogant,” “short arms and 9" hands, smallest at the combine,” and “not a great athlete”? Same guy as described in this screen shot:

Illustration for article titled Check Out Some Candid 2010 Pre-Draft Assessments By Oakland Raiders Scouts

Yep, that’d be Notre Dame’s eventual second-rounder, a locker room non-capturer and not-great athlete named Jimmy Clausen.

The detailed evaluations don’t include the Raiders’ eventual first pick, linebacker Rolando McClain (now with the Cowboys) at No. 8, but they do include a few players the Raiders coulda-shoulda grabbed instead. Texas safety Earl Thomas, since a pillar of Seattle’s Legion of Boom, “does everything you want to see in a safety and has no limitations,” which sounds about right. Dez Bryant, who fell to Dallas at No. 24 but whom the Raiders in hindsight probably should’ve taken, is “raw, possible beast,” while fellow receiver Demaryius Thomas “versus good competition looks like a beast.” And Gronk? “Best all around player in the draft.” Maybe not even the Raiders could’ve screwed up such a pick, had they made it.

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