Check Out The Wheels On This Pumpkin Thief

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Yesterday, D.C. writer Topher Mathews posted about the pumpkin on his doorstep. Specifically, he posted about how someone had stolen his pumpkin. It happens all the time! However, I have to say that I am pretty sure most pumpkin thefts are not this funny.

What’s great is you can see the whole scenario play out from start to finish. People in a car from Pennsylvania saw the pumpkin on the street. It appears they pulled over specifically to steal a pumpkin. One dude gets out, and then hauls ass to the car, screaming at the driver to hit the gas like he’s just robbed a bank. Check out that 40 speed!


Mathews posted another angle, too.

Don’t steal. But if you do, make it funny.

[Georgetown Metropolitan]

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