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Checking In On Brady Quinn's Finances

Illustration for article titled Checking In On Brady Quinns Finances

If Brady Quinn hadn't already signed that endorsement deal with Hummer, the poor guy might not be able to afford one (I can't find YouTube of that commercial, but I've seen it on about 18 times this weekend ... if you're looking for reasons to hate Brady Quinn, I can't recommend it highly enough). Darren Rovell at CNBC estimates that Quinn lost $17 million by being selected 22nd yesterday instead of 3rd.

So here's how I come up with the number. At the No. 3 pick, I project Cleveland would have signed Quinn to a six-year deal worth as much as $60 million, about $27 million of which would be guaranteed — that includes the quarterback premium. At No. 22, Quinn will sign a six-year deal closer to $30 million, with $10 million guaranteed. That's a $17 million loss.


Okay, so he can probably still afford a fleet of Hummers ... and a small Iraqi oil refinery to keep them gassed up. But he does still have to live in Cleveland. Ha!

The $17 Million Slide & Draft Day Notes [CNBC]

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