Don't know if you've noticed yet or not, but there are only four World Cup games left, which means it's time to check out how the Deadspin World Cup Pants Party Contest is going.

Realistically, only three people have a chance to win. They are:

Enrico Pilazo (A. Fortunate) 71
PortoetFromage (m. gour) 71
Snitches Get Stitches (E. Shepard) 70

We don't personally know any of those three people, so if any of you happen to be them, please email us to let us know of your existence. There's another game tomorrow — which we won't be live-blogging, since tomorrow's all about America, not soccer — and then one more Wednesday, before the finals and third-place game this coming weekend.

Remember, the winner gets some free books, a free post and a haircut from Marcel Balboa, an event which will be broadcast, breathlessly, by Dave O'Brien.


Deadspin World Cup Pants Party Contest [ESPN Games]