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Chelsea Ban Four Fans In Conjunction With Alleged Racist Abuse Of Raheem Sterling

Photo: Clive Rose (Getty)

While local police investigate an incident during Saturday’s Chelsea-Manchester City match during which a Chelsea fan was caught on camera allegedly yelling racist shit at Raheem Sterling, Chelsea have identified four fans suspected of being involved and have banned them from attending matches while the investigation is underway.

Here’s footage of the alleged incident, during which one Chelsea fan appears to call Sterling a “fucking black cunt”:


Sterling responded to the racist incident in an Instagram post in which he called out the British media for “feul[ing] racism and aggressive behavior” due to their disparate coverage of black and white players. Reports say Sterling notified City’s security team about the racist incident right after the match, and that Sterling has since met with local police, who are investigating the incident, to give his statement.

One fan who was near the scene depicted in the video above admitted in a radio interview to hurling invective at Sterling, but denied either himself using or overhearing any racist language, and apologized for the still-mean things he said. Another fan, Nathan Lewis, told Good Morning Britain that while he personally didn’t hear any racist words directed toward Sterling, he nevertheless found the clip currently going around “disgusting.” Lewis, himself a black man, noted that just because he didn’t hear any racist language, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t said.



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