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Illustration for article titled Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov Arrested, Allegedly Beaten Outside Pussy Riot Trial [UPDATE: With Video]

Russian grandmaster Garry Kasparov, in attendance at the Pussy Riot trial in Moscow, ran afoul of police and was assaulted today according to his Facebook page, which includes this image and the update:

We just spoke to Garry on the phone. He is at the police station. He was beaten but says he is okay. He isn't sure what will happen next. It seems the police are waiting for orders from above. He says he was standing calmly speaking with journalists when police pushed through and grabbed him. Thanks to everyone for the support.


The Facebook page asserts Kasparov was there simply to observe the punk collective trial and not to protest. Then again, Kasparov is the same guy who said Vladimir Putin was "just like Al Capone." Say what you want about secret police beatings; you know we're in the post-Soviet era when chess grandmasters are granted a phone call.

Update (9:48 a.m.): Here's some video of the arrest from Sky News.

Update (10:07 a.m.) Interfax is reporting Kasparov bit a police officer.

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