Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Joe Cowley Rides A Plane, Degrades Women Everywhere

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Ever since Jay Marrioti fell off the face of the planet, the Chicago Sun-Times has been a little light in the abusive-toward-females department. This morning, Joe Cowley (pictured, far right) bravely stepped in to assume the role, in an albeit verbal, yet no less demeaning manner when he took on one of his own, female reporter Sloane Martin.


What. An extraordinary. Asshole. Hottie up that pic? Raging sexism aside, who even talks like that? I'll tell you who. Dudes who think they're hilarious. It's all a big joke, you see? We all need to get a sense of humor and see how gut-busting the whole "Chicks can't drive so good" strain of comedy can be (Update: Weird.). Joe Cowley is pushing the envelope, and definitely not perpetuating an old boy's club environment by being a sexist meat head.

If you were looking for the perfect bookend to a weekend featuring a female reporter slobbering all over a star athlete, look no further than male columnist Joe Cowley, treating a female counterpart like dirt because she's female.



Update 3:39 p.m.: Cowley's Twitter account has been deleted.