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Chiefs vs. Colts: 1st Quarter

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- Hello... welcome. That's Herm Edwards and Tony Dungy, and in case you didn't catch the NBC pregame show, they're friends. They really like each other. A lot.

- So I'll be with you here through the whole game... there's a playoff party in my pants, and everyone's invited.


- The game is being called by Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond... Hammond looks weird when he's not doing an Arena Football or Notre Dame game. Actually, Hammond kinda looks weird, period. I think he's pretty decent at calling a game, though.

- The Colts force a three-and-out on their first possession of the game, including two consecutive stops of Larry Johnson. What if the Colts had just been faking having a bad run defense this whole time? What if this has been the ultimate rope-a-dope, and they're really a bunch of bad-asses?

- The Colts are going to settle for a field goal attempt on their first drive of the game... Vinatieri's on, and the kick is up, and it is good... and we almost got to see it through a giant Budweiser ad on the screen. That drive started so promisingly, too. Joseph Addai had huge holes through which to run. 3-0 Colts.

- Trent Green's wife... Oh yeah. She looks healthy. We will now pause while I get you video.


- And again, the Colts threaten and settle for a field goal. This one, just a 19-yarder from Vinatieri. A 42-yard pass play to Marvin Harrison put them into position, but a Joseph Addai run and a failed-play action pass to Dallas Clark kept them out of paydirt. Oh, and the Julie Green video is just after the jump.


- The continued halting of Larry Johnson is confusing. He's got 5 carries for about six yards. And Dwight Freeney just blew straight by Chiefs tackle Jordan Black and killed Trent Green. The Colts defense is scaring me right now.

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