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Chiefs vs. Colts: 2nd Quarter

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- That's Julie Green again. Sorry... she made an impression. I just kind of assumed that Trent Green would be with someone who looked a little bit more matronly.

- Oooooh. Peyton Manning misses badly going to Marvin Harrison, and Ty Law takes it down inside the Colts 10. This game was supposed to be all about Peyton Manning killing the Chiefs secondary, and Larry Johnson killing the Colts front seven. By the way, a nice attempted tackle there by Peyton Manning on Law's return, too. I mean, he didn't tackle him, obviously, but he got in his way. I wouldn't have expected as much.


- Fortunately for the Colts, the Chiefs suck today. Larry Johnson fails to get in twice, Trent Green stumbles on his own feet, and then Lawrence Tynes shanked a chip shot off the post. But other than that, it was a great drive for the Chiefs.

- You know what I can't wait to see? Matt Lauer learning what it's like to experience a "hot flash" on the Today show. Hopefully, it will humble that glib son of a bitch.

- I wonder what the record is for the fewest offensive yards in one half of a playoff game. I mean, they've been completely unproductive in every GODDAMN YOU MELLENCAMP THAT'S THE FOURTH TIME WITH THAT FUCKING SONG ALREADY facet of the offensive game.

- At the 2:00 warning, the show of unspectacular offense continues. It's been mostly Joseph Addai for the Colts on this drive, and I can't believe there are only 6 points in this game at this point. You know, I bet a lot of you bet the over, too. Oops.


- Oh, dear... and Peyton Manning is intercepted again. Jared Paige got him this time when Peyton Manning tried to force one into the Cover 2. Just a terrible and un-Manning-like (Peyton, at least) throw. Let's see who he can blame this one on.

- After Trent Green pegs a Colts linebacker in the chest with the football, Larry Johnson fails again, and then Trent Green throws a chest pass to Johnson for no gain on the next play... the Chiefs are punting again. Collinsworth, by the way, has used the word "historically" three times on the telecast already. He'll soon be using it again to describe the depths of the pathetic performance here by the Chiefs.


- 50-yard attempt here for Vinatieri at the close of the first half. And it's good. Three more points for the Colts, courtesy of the Chiefs ineffective offense. There are low-scoring games out there that are exciting to watch, and I suppose this one qualifies, simply because it's a playoff game, but... this has not been particularly well-played. I feel like I'm watching an NFC game.

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