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Chiefs vs. Colts: 3rd Quarter

- It's halftime. The picture there to your right is Lawrence Tynes' field goal doinking off the post. Enjoy Jerome Bettis in the studio.

- We are back from halftime, where Peter King went through and listed the top candidates for various jobs around the league. Jim Mora Jr., thankfully, was able to keep from crying. He did say that he wants to get back on a sideline, though, which, judging from his performance thus far, isn't going to upset anyone at NBC.


- Herm Edwards told the sideline guy that under no circumstances will he be benching Trent Green in favor of Damon Huard. I fail to see how this fits under the philosophy of playing to win the game.

- And here's Peyton Manning's third interception of the day, the second one that ends up in the hands of Ty Law. There was some kind of miscommunication on the route. It's going to be reviewed here, I'm assuming. The Colts crowd seemed unhappy just before the commercial kicked in.

- I gotta give some credit to Coors Light here. There's a new series of those fake press conference commercials. The first one starred Mike Ditka, and was just OK. The second one featured Jim Mora's "Playoffs?" rant, and was pretty damn good. Let's see if we can't get you some video of that.

- From NBC: Interception, commercial, replay of the interception, another commercial.


- NBC's NHL Game of the Week returns next week. I thought you might be interested in known on which network you should ignore the NHL next weekend.


- Alright, I'm feeling a touchdown here. Joe Addai just got it down inside the 20, and this is the one. This is where someone finally breaks. I can feel it.

- And there we go. Joseph Addai continues his monster day by adding a touchdown. Addai's got 116 yards, a touchdown, and 7 receptions, too. 16-0 Colts with just under 5:00 to play in the third. It's hard to believe that this one isn't over.


- Hey, there's a Tony Gonzalez sighting, and the Chiefs, at 6:32 EST, have their first first down of the game.

- Alright, where the hell has this been? Trent Greez throws a perfect pass to Tony Gonzalez in the endzone, right after a big gain to Kris Wilson. And they followed it up with the 2-point conversion, too. That's a pretty quick transition from incompetent to proficient for the Chiefs offense. Just baffling. Perhaps it's not over.

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