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Chiefs vs. Colts: 4th Quarter

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- Thanks to Tony Gonzalez and Trent Green's newfound testicles, the last fifteen minutes of this game might actually be worthwhile. The picture there is Larry Johnson's dad, and I thought we should probably feature him, as he's been as important to the outcome of this game as his son has.

- It's been checkdown city for Peyton Manning early in the 4th quarter. The Chiefs aren't giving him anything deep to anyone other than Ty Law. Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai are starting to get callouses on their hands from catching all these little checkdowns.


- Whoa. Larry Johnson has the Roc-a-Fella logo shaved into his head.

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- Manning to Wayne for the touchdown, and the Colts take a 23-8 lead here in the fourth quarter. Better late than never for this one to turn into an aesthetically-pleasing game.

- And if it wasn't over before, it certainly is now. Trent Green just heaved up a prayer of a deep ball that was intercepted by Colts safety Bob Sanders. Green got crushed on the play, and... how much longer until that late game starts?


- I gotta be honest with you ... that video NBC just showed of the Manning children playing football? It's adorable. Absolutely adorable. It's a shame that they all had to hit their peak of likability well before puberty.

- The Colts botch a punt, and... I guess we can't close the door on this one just yet. The Chiefs take possession in Indianapolis territory, and a quick score here, and they're still alive.


- Whew. The Chiefs just came perilously close to blowing that opportunity. Two Trent Green sacks followed by a screen pass, and then a conversion of 4th and 10, and they're still alive.

- Nevermind. They blew it on the very next play. Trent Green gets sandwiched by a couple of Colts, he coughs it up, and the Colts are moving onto the next round.


- Let's just take a second here to acknowledge the amazing turnaround here by the Colts defense. They rendered every pregame analysis moot with their performance today. I can't wait to see the Football Outsiders DVOA numbers on this. Those guys are going to have to buy all new calculators to compute this.

- By the way, I will be sticking with you through the late game. We're going to take a little break here, the next kickoff is happening shortly around 8. Feel free to use this space here for pre- and post-game chatter.

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