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Chiefs' WR Dwayne Bowe On The Mechanics Of Road Beef

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Everyone knows that athletes tend to lead swinging lifestyles when they're on the road, but no one is really supposed to talk about it in public. Well, Kansas City wideout Dwayne Bowe just talked about it. A lot.

In the latest edition of ESPN: The Paper-Based Periodical, Bowe discusses what life is like for the professional football player visiting a foreign city. It sounds pretty keen, especially if you like having pre-screened women shipped in from out of state for you personal entertainment.

"My rookie year, we were playing in San Diego," Bowe says. "You hear stories about groupies hanging out in hotel lobbies, but some of my teammates had it set up so there was a girl in every room. The older guys get on MySpace and Facebook a week before we go to a city; when a pretty one writes back, they arrange to fly her in three or four days in advance. They call it importing."


No, Dwayne, it's only "importing" if they come from overseas. I think you're referring to Article One of the Mann Act.

They know everything about us — first and last names, sisters and brothers, salary. This one girl was talking to me like she'd known me for years. 'Hey, D-Bowe, how's Grandma?' I'm like, 'How do you know my grandma?'

"I told her I had a girlfriend, but she didn't care. She was wearing my jersey, sitting in my lap, making it look like we knew each other. Then she took a picture and put it on Facebook. That almost got me in trouble."

Almost. But the week isn't over yet.

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