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When we were a kid, we had a T-shirt that said "I Root For Two Teams: The Cardinals And Whoever Plays The Cubs." We found this shirt incredibly clever when we were 10, and we wore it pretty much every other day. But couldn't hold a candle to 11-year-old David Witthoft of Connecticut.

Witthoft has literally worn his Brett Favre jersey every day for four years. On Sunday, he saw the Pack in person for the first time. Wearing the jersey, of course.

Witthoft admits he will probably soon have to hang up the jersey, which he received for Christmas in 2003.

"I thought I would keep wearing it as long as I could get it over my head," Witthoft said after the game. "But I'll probably take it off in the next year, certainly. Then I'll hang it up in a frame or maybe send it to the (Packers) Hall of Fame."


Witthoft's mom says she washes the jersey every two days, which is kind of a disappointment. Though we're sure the kids of Ridgefield, Connecticut will be sad to see the jersey go. They've surely gotten years of playground mockery mileage out of the thing.

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