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Chile Is Obsessed With Alexis Sánchez's Sex Life

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New Arsenal star Alexis Sánchez has come into the Premier League and torn shit up. Naturally, his native Chile has been very interested in their local hero's exploits. And while there hasn't been too much to worry about in terms of his playing performance, the country's press has kept a close eye on his performance in the bedroom.


The first story (that we know of) in this vein came out about a month ago, during the last round of international fixtures. La Cuarta reported some of Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger's concern over the fitness of the forward who's quickly become the club's most important player. Wenger apparently was concerned about Alexis being worn out due to too much activity on the pitch and also in the sack.

The headline read "Excess football and sex cast doubt among the ownership of Alexis Sánchez." The article explained how the confluence of club training, national team matches, and lovemaking with girlfriend Laia Grassi has taken a toll on the forward:

Alexis Sanchez walks to and fro, up and down, back and forth. That is the lifestyle of the cat and the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, took the photo and has him as doubtful for the "Gunners'" match against Louis van Gaal's Manchester United.

Depending on the old peeling of England, the national team forward has an extensive day of training with the club and, when he comes home, the delicious Laia Grassi asks for her share of love. Wow!

This lifestyle has taken hold of the player no matter what, but when he comes to defend La Roja [Chilean national team], he remains those three letters—he is the "cat." Bad thought—and even a turtle wins in a sprint when you're as tired as this.

Far be it from Alexis to deny "the delicious Laia Grassi" her share of love!

Only a short time later, however, there appeared to be some domestic trouble between Alexis and his girlfriend. The biggest bombshell was a Daily Mail article describing Alexis's allegedly amorous pursuit of former Miss Chile Camila Andrade, who claims her countryman originally asked her out earlier this past summer, while he was home training for the World Cup:

'I turned him down because he wasn't my type and I knew that many of the times he'd messaged me he was with his girlfriend and I liked that even less.

'When he was in Disneyland Paris with Laia in February he sent me a picture of himself on his own.

'I knew he was with her because I'd seen pictures in the paper and I really couldn't stop laughing.

'I messaged him to say: "How nice, you're with your girlfriend, I've love to be where you are with my boyfriend" and he replied: "No I'm with my little nephew or young cousin or some young relative", I can't remember exactly.

'He never said he was with his girlfriend and the following day there was a big picture in the paper of the two of them. It was very strange.'

This wasn't the first time the media had gotten hold of these rumors and others like them. About a month before, these same claims of Andrade's were reported in La Cuarta. And as the report mentions, those weren't the first of their kind, either. The headline on the article read "Camila Andrade joins the harem chosen by Alexis Sánchez," and ends on this note:

Thus Camila Andrade joins the long list of young ladies that the forward has thrown the eye. Between this harem you can find Faloon Larraguibel, Valentina Roth, Michelle Carvalho, Roxana Muñoz, Sandy Boquita, Romina Salazar, among others.


Now, a few weeks after the Daily Mail article, Grassi seems to have gotten fed up with things. The Mail had another article, this time noting that Grassi's Instagram page, once heavily populated with pictures of the happy couple, had been scrubbed completely of all photos of Alexis. They speculated this was in light of the Andrade rumors popping back up, but no one knew for certain.

Like always, though, the Chilean papers were on the case. In an article posted a couple days ago, La Cuarta offered their own explanation for the termination of the relationship. Their reasoning? Alexis wasn't sharing enough of his love with Grassi. The headline: "Alexis Sánchez was dumped for being bad in bed?" It continued:

How rich it is when one is told "there is no first without a second". Of course, apparently of our Alexis was asked for a third, fourth and even fifth with no time to take a break. And one is not iron...

Not to make you misunderstand, we're talking about him handling all the passion between the sheets. Is that from several sides are talking about Laia Grassi clipping the insolent Sanchez in the relationship, all because he could not keep up the pace in bed.

How? Some time ago snitching that Arsenal were upset that Sanchez was not giving them the physical, because someone made him over-train on another court. And for that reason sometimes he walked worn out.


The article doesn't make clear if it was Grassi's decision to break up with him because of his lacking performance or if it was, as a Peruvian paper reported, Alexis who ended the relationship because it was sapping too much of his energy away from the pitch. It closes by noting Wenger's response in a press conference to all of this, where the manager's only response was "Alexis is fit and rested."

Oh, the sacrifices of elite athletes.