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Chilean Soccer Player Wins Penalty With Staggeringly Awful Dive

Screenshot: Universidad de Concepcion vs. Colo Colo

Meet Jean Meneses, a midfielder for Chilean first division team, Universidad de Concepción. I’m sure he’s scored some great goals and hit some beautiful passes during his career, but it will be hard to top this truly exceptional dive of his from this weekend’s match against Colo-Colo as his career-defining highlight:

Meneses owned up to his trickery immediately after the match, offering the following colorful description of it in a postgame interview while still on the pitch: “One has to take advantage of the fact that attackers cannot be touched inside the penalty area. So I played with a little bit of vividness and let myself fall.”


The erroneously awarded penalty proved the deciding margin of the match as Universidad won, 2-1. Hopefully those two additional points were worth the international shame Meneses’s behavior has now subjected him to.

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