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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Chill-Ass Ronaldinho Signs Idiot On The Field's Shirt

Ronaldinho seems pretty chill. He's always seemed pretty chill, and so it's no surprise that he was chill yesterday in his second game for Mexican side Querétaro, when a fan stormed the pitch.


Basically, the fan ran on the field and directly to Ronaldinho, because Ronaldinho is chill and was once the greatest player in the whole wide world, and the fan was like, "Can I get your autograph, Ronaldinho?"

And then Ronaldinho said something like, "You bet, stan." And then he signed it, to applause from the fans who came to see him.


His team lost 2-1 to Atlas, but it's OK because Ronaldinho did this later in the match:

Ronaldinho is cool and good.

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