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China Insists That Boston And Philly Are Grand Places For The Chinese

The NBA Draft is now just three days away, and since everybody knows how the first two picks are going down, the main intrigue — other than the usual sartorial speculation — involves the three Florida players and Chinese mystery Yi Jianlian. He's either Dirk Nowitzki or Wang Zhi-Zhi, and he's either gonna be amazing or become a lifelong punchline to explain why you shouldn't try to tank games at the end of the season.

And, as it turns out, he — and by "he," we mean "the Chinese government" — is exerting considerable influence on which team drafts him. Rumors persist that he's going to insist on playing for a team in a big market with a "considerable Chinese population." He refused a workout with the Bucks at No. 6, and he better hope the Celtics take him. Could Yi drop out of the draft if he's not taken by the right team? We love the idea of him pulling a big timer power move; he's ready for American athletics already!


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