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Chip Kelly Cares About You, Eagles Fans

Chip Kelly’s going to get asked about tempo in practically every interview he accepts. It’s inevitable at this point. During a chat with D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Eagles head coach used new reasons for why Philadelphia’s offense runs as quickly as it does: Chip’s doing it for Eagles Nation.

There are no “football reasons” for the up-tempo offense, according to Kelly:

Q: What is your theory behind the tempo attack and how best it should work?

A: We are just trying to get the game over quicker.

Q: But, anything football-wise? You know, other than getting the game over quicker.

A: That’s it. It’s all for the fans. We just want the game to get over quicker. People shouldn’t be paying a lot of money to watch guys stand around.

Q: No football reasons though?

A: Not really.

What a guy. Eagles fans can spend less time in the stands, and more time fighting people and throwing up in the parking lots.


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