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Chip Kelly Says He Wanted Sam Bradford And Nick Foles

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The Eagles knew they were taking a risk when they stripped personnel power from GM Howie Roseman and handed it to Chip Kelly, who might be brilliant or crazy. Owner Jeffrey Lurie admitted as much in comments at the owners' meeting yesterday, and said the team could have been content racking up 10-win seasons and early postseason exits, but would rather let Kelly go for the Super Bowl or bust. So, we know the Eagles' busy offseason was part of the plan. But we still don't know what Kelly himself is doing.


Speaking with reporters today about one of his most baffling offseason moves—shipping Nick Foles to the Rams for Sam Bradford, while getting the worst of an exchange of draft picks—Kelly revealed that his original goal was to keep both quarterbacks.

"It went on for a couple weeks. We were trying to keep Nick if we could. It was just at the last second, they wanted players. We were trying to get it done with draft picks, but it didn't work out that way."


If this is true, it's a little baffling. Foles is a capable backup, but he's also got some trade value and is in the last year of his deal. If the Eagles truly wanted Bradford and believe he's the guy who can lead them deep into the playoffs, why wouldn't Philly move Foles to St. Louis to spare their future draft classes?

Even weirder is the timing. We don't know what Kelly means by "at the last second," but the Eagles agreed to an extension with Mark Sanchez at least two days before the Bradford trade was finalized. From Chip Kelly's version of events, it appears the Eagles were willing to give a guy $5.5 million guaranteed to be their third quarterback.

The offseason of Chip Kelly has been a fun one. May it never end.

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