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Chipper Jones Complained On Twitter About The TV In His Hotel Room, And Someone From The Front Desk Came Up And Fixed It

We thought we were too cynical to ever again believe in sports the way we did when we were kids. We thought we could never unquestioningly adore and glorify an athlete, knowing what really goes on. But then we met Chipper Jones's Twitter feed. Larry, Jr. tweets in backwoods gibberish overflowing with vitality. He loves his teammates—J-Hey, the Rev, B-Mac, Mike B, and others—and always celebrates when they go "mammo," "jimmyjack," or "yicketty." On off days, he has slushees and tells us about them.


Today, while in a hotel room awaiting a series against the Mets, Chipper got his first taste of his immense online power:

@RealCJ10 If anyone was thinkin about stayin at the Grand Hyatt in NY,dont! My AC is set on 65 and its north of 80 in here. Like a freaken sauna!

@RealCJ10The movie channels dont work and the beds make my back spasm up! Am i complaining too much? Im sorry, gotta vent to someone. Love yall!!!

@RealCJ10Ahh the power of social media. TV guy just showed up at my door. Didnt even have to call the front desk. See what happens when u vent a tad?

Some days, the internet is just the best. There's a significant overlap between those days and the days Chipper Jones tweets.


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