Chipper Jones has been know for his entire baseball career as a purveyor of wisdom, a rare voice of reason in a world of insanity. Dare we call him professorial? We do; we do dare.

Anyway, he's speaking up about steroids in baseball, not just about Barry Bonds ... but about Alex Rodriguez.

The Atlanta Braves star said Wednesday that A-Rod probably will face suspicions about steroid use - just as new home run king Barry Bonds has - because Jose Canseco recently hinted he has salacious information to disclose about Rodriguez.

"I don't doubt it," Jones said. "There's been a lot of validation to some of the things that Jose Canseco has said over the years. At first when it came out a lot of people didn't want to give him a lot of credit for it. But a lot of it has been proven true. Now, when he opens his mouth, people listen. And unfortunately, this cloud is following probably two of the best players of this century."

We continue to find it amazing that we live in a world where Jose Canseco is a wise sage soothsayer from half-ass comments he tossed off on a radio show. But when Chipper talks, we listen!

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