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The dork fraternity at Baseball Prospectus has long fascinated us. We always assumed they either were four feet tall and were still breast-feeding, or they were the opposite of what most think, all ripped dudes with schlongs that scraped the ground. Turns out, we're completely wrong: They're actually transexuals.

No, really. Chris Kahrl, who has written extensively about the Washington Nationals and baseball finance, is now Christina Kahrl. In 2003, Kahrl โ€” one of the founders of BP โ€” decided that he was a she and made the appropriate surgical necessities.

"Nobody has batted an eye," says Kahrl. "Everybody has been great and supportive, from friends and family and colleagues to everybody with the White Sox to the University of Chicago alumni. A reader said, 'I had no idea that Chris was short for Christina.' And I was like, 'Yeah, that s what it s short for.' But that s it."

We support Kahrl's decision, obviously, and hope that she is happy. But count us as batting an eye, at least. At the very least, we think Mike Lupica should try this. Heck, he's halfway there anyway. (Oh, come on, you thought it.)

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