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Chris Berman Knows Not Of Your Velvet Rope!

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Not that it's particularly difficult to piss off a group of beat reporters — typically, a smile or similar expression of anything resembling joy will do it — but it appears our favorite Leather aficionado appears to have pulled it off at the Yankees-Tigers game the other evening.

From the blog of Journal News Yankees beat reporter Peter Abraham, a story of Berman hanging out in the locker room with Yankees bigwigs ...

Today, after the beat writers interviewed Joe Torre, we walked back to the clubhouse and there was ESPN's Chris Berman in the players' lounge yucking it up with Lee Mazzilli and Tony Pena. Apparently the rules don't apply to him.

In the interest of being fair, a few of us asked why Berman was allowed where other media members weren't. The Yankees finally asked him to leave and Berman glared at us.


We think it's appalling that lowly beat reporters would dare imply the rules of the physical universe they inhabit even vaguely resemble the ones of the space Berman occupies. Berman is not a reporter; Berman is a force of physics. Philistines!

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