Chris Berman On You're With Me, Leather: "Mr. Kornheiser Chose To Run With It."

Illustration for article titled Chris Berman On You're With Me, Leather: "Mr. Kornheiser Chose To Run With It."

While the long-standing Kornheiser-Berman beef doesn't have the same initial draw of, say, Beadle-Andrews, its appearance in Those Guys Have All The Fun does lead us to the alleged root of everyone's favorite alleged pick-up line: You're with me, Leather.


The whole time I was on Monday Night, Berman never mentioned my name. He loathes me, in part because of stuff I used to write about him. Berman and I have an antagonism that goes back many, many years, long before I ever got to ESPN. Once in Minnesota, the big grand poo-bah stood there and lectured me, screaming at me about how great he was, how significant he was, how he built the network, and how I ought to be more grateful. That was when he accused me of writing the blog about him and that leather thing. He said, 'I know how it got on the Internet.' I asked him, 'What the hell are you talking about?'

In the mid-nineties, somebody said I was in a bar and used a pickup line on a woman wearing leather and she left with me. I really didn't know what they were talking about. But a colleague of mine, Mr. Kornheiser, chose to run with it, and the Internet chose to run with it for years. I don't even know what 'it' is, but it's a very dangerous thing, especially when a colleague piles on and gives credence to it.

I still can't believe it has legs. Legs of what? We're all learning what the Internet can do. A lot of good, a lot not so good. Guess I was at the head of the boat, the first one in our place to be run through the Internet mill. But we just had to let it go. No choice but to move on from there.

It has meme legs, Berman! And with lines like that, they'll go for years.

Kornheiser says that John Walsh did his best to play the intermediary, since at the time he and Berman were crammed into the MNF booth along with Mike Tirico — but that when he tried, he "just got screamed at."