Chris Cooley Forced To Talk To NFL Shrink For Accidental Penis-Showing Incident

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Unwittingly revealing your junk to the world is awful, but then having to go through a mandatory psychiatric evaluation because of it, only adds to the humiliation. That's what happened to Chris Cooley.


In an interview with Extra Mustard's Jimmy Traina, Cooley relives the incident and the wacky policiy the NFL enforced after it happened:

Cooley: But the NFL made me undergo a psychiatric evaluation. They treated it really seriously. Please. It was an accident. If I wanted to post a picture of my penis I wouldn't have been all hunched over. What was the result of the psychiatric evaluation?

Cooley: I don't even know, dude. I had to do a call with some lady. I thought it was gonna take two minutes, but it was like an hour. It was horrible.


Remarkably, somewhere the NFL has a transcript of the hour-long conversation between a female psychiatrist and Cooley discussing why he posted his penis on-line. What were they looking to find out? If he's prone to exposing himself? My guess is that Cooley was subjected to this type of probing evaluation all because of Charles Haley.

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