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Chris Cooley's Pyrrhic Victory

The good news for Redskins TE Chris Cooley in last years game against Dallas is that he busted loose for three touchdowns in a 35-7 victory. The bad news was that in one of Cooley's four fantasy leagues, as noted here in the Washington Post, his fantasy opponent started Cooley against him. Cooley's three-TD performance eliminated Cooley's fantasy team from the playoffs.

I've always wondered if NFL players had fantasy teams, and if so, how seriously they took them. Cooley was serious enough about it to be in four leagues last year, but not quite serious enough to drop a touchdown pass in the endzone to keep his season alive. He's cutting it back to two leagues this year.


And if you're looking to find out how confident Cooley is in his own fantasy performance this year, the following quote is less-than-inspiring. "I'm not going to sacrifice a good team just to have myself on it," he said.

Beating Yourself Takes New Meaning [Washington Post]

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