Chris Fowler Feels Clemson Fan's Pain (Not Really)

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If you watched Georgia Tech beat Clemson two weeks ago, you might have noticed this Tiger fan's Oscar reel for Most Distraught Football Fanatic and the announcing crew's on-air sympathy. Of course, off the air was a different story.

A YouTube gnome uploaded a clip of this classic college football moment taken directly from ESPN's broadcast feed—but helpfully included the audio and video from the two minutes or so prior to the gang going live on the air. As they prepare to comeback from the commercial break, Chris Fowler, Craig James and Jesse Palmer all have a nice chuckle at the expense of Sad Clemson Fan and his buddy. Fowler even breaks out the Telestrator pen to highlight the boy's tears, since broken dreams are what gives Chris his sustenance.

Then just before going live, Fowler reminds them all that they are professionals and probably shouldn't mock this guy on national TV. (Palmer believes the key word is "tasteful.") Of course, even after putting on his "college football majesty" voice, Chris still can't avoid a little chuckle at this dude's expense.

Not that anyone blames him. I mean ... look at that guy. He is pretty ridiculous.


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