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Pro wrestling is great, if you're 12. Otherwise it's kind of pointless ... unless the action is occurring in a parking lot, and the wrestler is launching real haymakers at heckling female fans.

The facts as we know them: Chris Jericho punched a woman outside Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre after a World Wrestling Entertainment Raw Live event on Sunday in Victoria, British Columbia; which was captured on a cell phone camera and posted on YouTube.


The Vancouver Sun:

One witness said she saw the 225-pound wrestler spit in a woman's face after she approached his white Chevy Tahoe and castigated him for losing the heavyweight championship to John Cena. With spit dripping down her face, the woman started hitting him, said Darshan Stevens, who watched from about a metre away. Jericho turned and punched her in the face, she said.

The woman who was hit, 20-year-old Ashley Levey, said the altercation began when her boyfriend, Kalen Johl, heckled Jericho as he drove through the parking lot. Jericho got out of his vehicle, Levey said, and made a derogatory comment to Johl, who is South Asian. She said Jericho pushed Kohl first. Levey called Jericho a racist, so he spit on and punched her, she said.


What, no full nelson face buster?

Fun facts: Jericho (real name Chris Irvine) is a Canadian citizen whose father, Ted Irvine, played in the NHL on four teams.

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