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Chris Kluwe has been pretty busy these last few weeks. Not punting—the Vikings look pretty good!—but dealing with the fallout from his op-ed supporting gay marriage. Turns out there are lots of people who don't support gay marriage! Who knew?


He says he hasn't gotten a lot of hate mail, proportionally speaking, but what he has received has been golden. Like the above cartoon that came in the mail today, which he promptly posted to Twitter.

Sadly, at least for the creativity of bigots, it's not an original. (Though that devolved ape does look a lot like Kluwe!) Seems there's someone who sends these out any time someone in the state of Minnesota says something nice about the gays, and just fills in the names. Which is probably not a fulfilling pastime for the sender—we would suggest giving in to lustful cockmonsterism instead.

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