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MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews might be all over the Katrina coverage, but he certainly doesn't know his sports well, according to the Sports Frog.

MATTHEWS: Where s Texas getting the money for this for this effort?
PERRY: Well, you know, we will find the dollars. The fact of the matter is, this is by the grace of God, this could have been Houston, Texas, that we were talking about today, instead of New Orleans. And our neighbors are in need and we will find the dollars to make it work.
MATTHEWS: A small point. I don t mean to be whimsical, but, at this time, it wouldn t hurt for a little whimsy. How did you get the Astros out of their ballpark?
PERRY: Well, they re playing at a place called Minute Maid now, not the Astrodome.
MATTHEWS: Oh, really? I m brought up to...
PERRY: Welcome welcome to this year in baseball here, Chris.

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