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Chris Paul's Yo-Yo Dribble Never Gets Old

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Photo: Ronald Martinez (Getty Images)

Last night, the Houston Rockets blew past the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals by getting a little more lively on offense and moving the ball. That is cool and good for them, but let’s be honest: the best thing about the game was Chris Paul’s dribbling.


I understand that the main issue regarding the Rockets’ watchability is that their two best players will usually spend most of a possession pounding the ball into the earth’s molten core before making a move. But there are still moments when Paul gets loose in transition and looks like the guy who used to turn games into magic shows. Look at this damn move:

For good measure, Paul came back in the third quarter and dropped Steph Curry like it was nothing (because it was) and left the Warriors superstar wondering where he went wrong in life—probably six days ago when he said he hoped he got iso situations with Paul and James Harden “every single play.”

After you watch enough Jamal Crawford highlight videos, the nifty dribbling that happens every night in the NBA can seem dull, or at least more normalized. Subsequently, there aren’t many times watching a basketball game that one feels a primal urge to scream “EXPOSE HIM” at the television—yet every time Chris Paul pulls some shit like this, there I am, on my feet, laughing at KD for doing the best any human could to stop the unstoppable.