Chris Perez Can't Stop Saying True Things About Cleveland Fans

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Didn't we do this, like, a month ago? "Guys don't want to come over here and people wonder why," and "Nobody wants to play in front of 5,000 fans," and so forth. The Indians closer actually got a standing O the next time he entered the game, and Cleveland is just a measly half-game out of first, so we thought all was forgiven. But maybe it's because no one else had asked Perez about Cleveland fans again.

The Paper of Record cornered Perez last night, and there are a few goodies in here. To the blockquotemobile!

"I don't get the psyche," said Perez, who grew up in Florida. "Why cheer against a guy [LeBron James] that's not even in your city anymore? Just to see him fail? Does that make you feel good? I could see if the Cavs were in the championship, but that's their mentality."

"Their whole thing is, ‘We want a winner.' Well, why do you support the Browns? They don't win. They've never won. They left. You guys blindly support them. I don't understand it. It's a double standard, and I don't know why."


If you compiled a list of the least controversial statements possible, "Cleveland is a little obsessed with LeBron" and "Cleveland loves the Browns even though they're crappy" are probably right up there. Nevertheless, Perez has fallen back on Twitter and talk radio damage control, and will one day learn that the only acceptable response to every question is "We have the best fans in baseball."