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Christian Laettner Excels At Dispassionately Reading A Script Meant To Hype A Charity Event

Christian Laettner was probably enlisted to coach in, and sell tickets for, the "Big Blue All Stars vs the Villains" event at UK's Rupp Arena exhibition game because the folks at Kentucky hate him. Like a villain.

Delivered effectively, a pitch bringing up "The Stomp" and "The Shot" would totally rake in some coin for the V Foundation, too.


Yet, while it's rewarding to see Laettner cuecard his way through a dim-witted script, it's impossible to disagree with Matt Sprinkle's assessment that it proves Laettner "is still a cunt," even if it's infuriating proof that Laettner's good at the whole villain thing even when he isn't.

Big Blue All Stars vs the Villains Monday October 24 at Rupp Arena [WYMT]

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