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Christian Laettner Is Still Sore About The Fab Five's Shit-Talking

One of the best parts of the Fab Five 30 for 30 documentary was seeing that Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Juwan Howard hated former Duke star Christian Laettner just as much as everyone else in America did. Well, Laettner's got his own 30 for 30 doc coming out soon, and he's been whining about the Fab Five saying mean things about him while doing press for the movie.

Laettner was on Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Rusillo's radio show this week, and made it known that he does not think it was cool of the Fab Five to say that they used to think he was a "bitch" and a "pussy."

Your points are well-taken, Christian Laettner. Calling someone a "pussy" on national TV isn't a very nice thing to do. Consider this, though: You have an incredibly punchable face and everyone hates you, so ...

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