Christian Yelich Changes Walkup Music To Own A Random Twitter User

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Photo: Nick Wass (AP)

Reigning National League MVP Christian Yelich will appear in the upcoming ESPN Body Issue, the worldwide leader’s annual effort to capitalize on everyone’s desire to see the bare butt-cheeks of attractive famous people. The Body Issue is 10 years old now—no one who is not hoarding survival gear in an underground bunker is any longer remotely scandalized by an athlete’s participation in the project.


These prudes do exist, though, and that means there are plenty to be found on the hell that is Twitter. Tuesday Yelich was gently upbraided by a random user and “110% TRUMP supporter” named Roxane*, who finds The Body Issue “distasteful” and described her sadness that Yelich “didn’t give a thought about all the kids that idolize [him] before doing [his] naked photo shoot.” This pearl-clutching is not a line of criticism worthy of sincere engagement, particularly coming from a supporter of the obscene, greasy huckster befouling the American presidency, and Yelich’s response was appropriately dismissive:

Roxane locked her Twitter account Tuesday, presumably in response to a wave of pushback following her goofy tweet. That could’ve been the end of it, but no. Yelich mixed up his walkup music Tuesday night in order to make the most of this opportunity to further dunk on an otherwise completely anonymous goober.

It’s nice to imagine Roxane settling into her favorite spot on the couch, sighing out her disappointment over today’s unfortunate social media stir, taking a big sip of coffee, and flipping the television over to the first inning of the Cardinals-Brewers game.

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