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Christie Kerr Is Going To Celebrate

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I spent some time watching women's golf this afternoon. This isn't something I do a lot of ... but I was rooting for Lorena Ochoa, who's got a little bit of a reputation of a ... well, a choker, in clutch situations in the majors.


And I'm sorry to say that this reputation isn't going away. She was down one on the 17th tee, and then missed the last two fairways coming in, letting Christie Kerr walk away with the victory. Hooray, Christie Kerr. And, of course, this post probably wouldn't be happening if it didn't provide an opportunity to post that picture of Christie. I think they give her a bigger one for winning the U.S. Women's Open.

And just so my next-to-next-to-last post here isn't entirely about women's golf, here's a couple of other things. Ben Collins at SLAM spent draft night when the beautiful Stephen A. hecklers. It's worth your time.

And this post at beRecruited SportsWrap ranks the top 10 reality show appearances by sports stars. Kordell Stewart ranks a disappointing fifth ... and I had never seen this clip before. It is, unfortunately, probably in Kordell Stewart's Top 10 career highlights.

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