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Chuck Klosterman Revisits The Lakers-Celtics Rivalry

Readers of Chuck Klosterman's "Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs" will remember the particularly amusing essay about the Lakers-Celtics rivalry of the '80s. To quote:

As I have grown older, it's become clear that the Lakers-Celtics rivalry represents absolutely everything: race, religion, politics, mathematics, the reason I'm still not married, the Challenger explosion, Man vs. Beast, and everything else. There is no relationship that isn't a Lakers-Celtics relationship.


Anyway, The Blowtorch smartly checked in with Klosterman in the wake dawn of Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight for this thoughts. One gets the sense that this new rivalry has less propensity to shake our earth to its very foundations.

QUESTION #5 - "Where should I get my news?"

Celtic People get their news from the New York Times web page, the print edition of the Cincinnati Inquirer, Grit magazine, anecdotal conversations with drug dealers, The Bill Simmons podcast, John Stossel, the subtext of Cormac McCarthy novels, and their own dreams. Laker People get their news from episodes of 24, The Huffington Post, billboards, the users guide for GTA4, unicorn-themed Tarot cards, Diablo Cody's tumblr account, Chinese menus, and Andrew W.K.

We support any fanbase that gets its news from Andrew W.K. Go Lakers!

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