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Circus FMX Rider Somehow Not Dead After Midair Clothesline

You've thrilled to the death-defying acts at the circus, but have you ever been to the Shriners' Circus, where they string cables from the rafters at precisely the right height to take out motorcycle jumpers?


20-year-old Josh Headford was filling in for another rider when he came crashing to earth on Saturday night at the Elf Khurafeh Shrine Circus in Saginaw, Mich. According to an arena executive, the guy-wire above the floor had not been completely raised out of the way. It was to have been the final act of the evening anyway, but a super-professional ringmaster decided to call an end to the festivities right then and there.

Headford broke his femur, fractured a shoulder blade, and injured his wrist and elbow, and a clown on the ground was hurt when the cable hit him in the face. It could have been much, much worse, which is why you shouldn't feel bad if you want to watch the video again.

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