Citing Concussions, Texas Running Back Tre' Newton Announces He Is Giving Up Football

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Newton, the Longhorn's sophomore running back and son of former Cowboys lineman Nate Newton, announced in a team press conference today that he has played his last snap of competitive football. He suffered multiple concussions throughout high school and college.

Newton was Texas's leading rusher last year, with 552 yards, and averaged about 30 rushing yards with three TDs through eight games this year. He was diagnosed with a concussion in a November 6 loss to Kansas State, and was on the sideline during the Longhorn's loss to Oklahoma State last week.


In today's press conference, Newton said that he discussed his health with doctors, athletic trainers, and coaches recently about their concern for his long-term mental health. "[We] decided that the best decision for my future and me is to stop playing football at The University of Texas," Newton said. "I'll still be helping the running backs out anyway I can. As far as playing - I am done playing."

Texas coach Mack Brown voiced his support for Newton's decision, and Texas will continue Newton's scholarship as he completes his degree in communications.


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