Civility Is Overrated

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Earlier this week there was a phony report about the Golden State Warriors deciding not to go to the White House after winning their second title in three years. That prompted Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins to write this column calling for all of the Warriors to go and shake Donald Trump’s hand in the name of civil discourse and general respect for the office of the Presidency. Now, Sally is a nice person who likes this website, but HOLY GODDAMN SHIT LADY, HAVE YOU MET THIS PRESIDENT? I am here today to tell you that keeping up the veneer of civility in the face of hateful assholes like Trump is part of the reason they’re able to thrive, and that is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

But perhaps you wish for other topics to be discussed. Maybe a giant STICK TO SPROTS alarm just went off in your head at the thought of your precious games and Trump being intermingled. Fear not, for we discuss bipartisan matters this week as well, including the Mayweather-MacGregor sham, game shows, shaving, singing, spilled foods, and more. LISTEN IF YOU DARE!

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