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Clarett Story Continues To Take Scary Turns

Say what you will about the kids at Bristol, but they continue to move the needle on all matters Maurice Clarett, at least. The network learned yesterday that Clarett, who has had a rough couple of weeks, was in deep to the Israeli mob, and that might have been the reason he was, you know, carrying a hatchet when he was arrested earlier this month.

Clarett was allegedly being threatened by a man named Hai Waknine, who was a member of an Israeli crime syndicate called The Jerusalem Group. ("Typical," a friend told us yesterday. "We get a good mob organization, and our name still sounds like someone you'd go to for venture capital.") After Clarett was cut by the Broncos last year, he had no money to pay Waknine back for all he'd been given ... and next thing you know, there were hatches and Grey Goose.


It all seems to have gone terribly wrong for Mo, and at this point, it almost seems less something to make fun of than something to pity. But, if you're still taking enjoyment out of this story, after the jump, we present the newest addition to Madden 2007, coming out next week.

Lawyer: Clarett Has Ties To Alleged Israeli Mobster [ESPN]


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