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Clay Bennett Is Happy To Screw Oklahoma Too

For some reason, we imagined Oklahoma City welcoming Clay Bennett and the Sonics with arms extended, lying prostrate, screaming "thank you" to the heavens. Anytime someone does something to a city as horrible as what Bennett has done to Seattle, there has to be someone who benefits, right? Other than just the owner? Isn't this a grand celebration in Oklahoma City? Well, not necessarily: It appears Bennett's trying to screw them too.

Yes, Bennett is fighting with some members of the Oklahoma legislature over tax incentives the team is expecting. No, demanding.

Rep. Charlie Joyner, R-Midwest City, who also voted against the bill, said he received an e-mail from Bennett that said the team might not come to Oklahoma City unless the House passes the tax incentive. "I just don't think this thing has been handled right. That's kind of holding legislators hostage," Joyner said.


Ah, yes, the seedy underbelly of, you know, the seedy process of having a guy swipe a team from a loyal fanbase to play in your state. Eventually, he's going to screw you too. So nice to have this guy as an owner of a professional sports team, isn't it?

Clay Bennett To OK Legislature: "I'm An Equal Opportunity Dick" [Hot Dog And Friends]

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