Clay Bennett's Son Reveals Insight Into Father's Dislike Of Ugly Cheerleaders?

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The brilliant "Bend It Like Bennett" has discovered what appears to be the OKC Supersonics owner's son's Facebook page. Graham Bennett loves his father unconditionally — even when Dad rips apart some high school cheerleaders.

Now, not sure on the accuracy of the page — or whether the "Dad" quoted on Graham's page is actually Clay Bennett — but if it is, well, it does offer some unsurprising insight into the man that ripped Seattle's heart out when he stole away their basketball team.

Via The Sporting Blog:


Now, the Crooked Oak cheerleaders being insulted by "Dad" in this are from Crooked Oak High School in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, the cheerleader section of the school's website provides no pictures, so I can't verify whether the school actually does have a "pakistani," a "black midget with a pickle" and the other freaks of nature "Dad" was griping about. But if you go to their fan section, there is a shot of some of the "Ruf-Nex" cheerleaders during a football game:


Well, I don't see a pickle.

Clay Bennett Thinks Your Cheerleaders Look Absolutely Hilarious [The Sporting Blog]