ESPN will announce that Roger Clemens is scheduled to be on tomorrow's "Mike and Mike" (around 8:25 a.m.) to, presumably, compare Selena Roberts' fact-finding ability to other author's works. It should be enlightening.

ESPN's already been accused of blackballing Selena Roberts (which the WWL dismisses as a bit of an overstatement) during her Whitlock-torpedoed book tour, but unless Roger Clemens has changed his approach to how he's handling his own steroid/lady-loving rumors publicly, he's probably not going to be commending Selena on her anonymous-sourcing when he talks to Golic and Greenberg. Unfortunately, this interview won't be done in-studio, so ESPN 2 early morning viewers (oh, and radio listeners) won't be able to see how The Rocket's new highlights are holding up.


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